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Do the small things steal your joy?

Every day when you get up, you need to remind yourself what counts and what doesn’t count. Don’t be distracted by what’s not important or significant in life.

Why is this an important habit? Have you noticed how easy it is to lose your joy over some small thing? It’s usually the small irritations that cause you to lose your happiness.

Somebody cuts you off in the middle of the road when you’re trying to make a turn, and you lose your happiness. You’re kids are driving you nuts or the clothes you put on don’t fit anymore, and you lose your happiness.

It’s the little things that sometimes affect us the most, and yet they don’t really matter.

“I once thought these things were valuable, but now I consider them worthless because of what Christ has done” Philippians 3:7 (NLT)

Don’t let these small obstacles stand in your way of seeing what is truly important. Because is dropping an egg in the floor while making breakfast really worth stealing your joy the rest of the day?

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