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How many times have we allowed trying situations that come our way to frustrate us and get us needlessly upset? How many years of our lives have we spent saying, “Oh, I’m believing God. I’m trusting God,” when in reality, we are worrying, talking negatively, and trying to figure everything out on our own?

Sometimes we think we are trusting God just because we are saying the words, but inside we are anxious and freaking out. It is good that we are taking the initial steps to trust God, but we must also realize we can still grow in trust. Trusting God is more than just words—it’s words, attitudes, and actions.

Trust and confidence are built up over a period of time. That is why it is so important to “hang in there” with God. Don’t quit and give up, because you gain experience and spiritual strength as you go through situations. Each time you become a little stronger than you were the last time. Sooner or later, if you don’t give up, you will find yourself in a place of complete rest, peace and trust in God.

" Trusting God completely means having FAITH that He knows what is best for your life."

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