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Why Florals Are Important on Your Wedding Day

This topic has been on my mind, as I have been able to sit at home and yearn for the warm summer days and the beauty that comes with it. Florals has been a passion of mine for years, and it all begin when my parents decided to purchase a small flower shop while I was in high school. I spent many days in the shop learning about floral design, attending weddings, and driving that passion to where I am today.

With my passion, comes from my desire to help you invision your big day and how flowers can set the tone for it. So what does this mean??? Flowers are so much more than just a color palette or a way to make your venue more beautiful.

One of the reasons flowers are important, and some may argue is the Number One reason- is that as a bride, your bouquet is an extention of your bridal gown and overall look. It is an accessory that compliments your hair and makeup, your veil (whether you choose to wear one or not), shoes, jewelry, and even the physical traits you were born with like hair and eye color.

If you are like me, growing up I spent years dreaming about my wedding day, the location, the dress, and of course the flowers! So why settle for anything less than perfect on your bridal bouquet?! My advice is to let your florist know what you are looking for, or dreaming of, maybe show them a few photos for inspiration. But also listen to their recommendations and vision for your bouquet. They may see something that you were not thinking of.

Another reason flowers are so important on your wedding day is that they are not just beautiful, they can TRANSFORM the venue. Your wedding day should be personalized to the little things that make you special as a couple. Flowers are able to make the entire feel and vibe of your wedding show. What does this mean? Let the things that make you "you" inspire your floral design and wedding style.

Having a wedding florist will give you valuable advice for all the floral elements you might need for your big day. The florist will guide you through the process of choosing the best flowers which will complement the theme you have chosen so that you have a unique dash of elegance to the arrangements. Like we said, the list begins with the bridal bouquet, and includes the bridesmaids bouquets, groom’s boutonniere, groomsmen’ boutonnieres, ceremony décor, table centerpieces and table decorations, and anything that you may think (or missed to think) of. A good wedding florist will offer the best possible flowers and, more importantly, will know how to use them in a flexible way, and even re-use them. For example, aisle flowers can become centerpieces or altar flower arrangements can be moved to decorate the buffet table. The possibilities are endless- but don't let that overwhelm you, that's what the professionals are for. Reach out to me, share your ideas, and I will do the rest!

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